Migrating from old IPS v0.1.0 to new IPSΒΆ

This is a guide on converting from the old (up to July 2020) way of doing things to the new way.

The old version of IPS can be found at https://github.com/HPC-SimTools/IPS-framework/releases/tag/v0.1.0 and you can check it out by

git clone -b v0.1.0 https://github.com/HPC-SimTools/IPS-framework.git

IPS was originally run in a mode where either it was install into a directory with cmake or run from the source directory. The PYTHONPATH and PATH was set to point to the framework/src directory. Thing where imported directly from the modules.

Thing have changed, the package install is now managed with python setuptools and the IPS framework is install as a package called ipsframework, see Building and Setting up Your Environment. The ips.py executable is also installed in you current PATH. This means that you no longer need to set PYTHONPATH or PATH when the IPS framework is installed. Likewise, there should also no longer be any need to reference the IPS framework using IPS_ROOT or IPS_PATH. This required a rearrangement of the source code.

Also with this change in the way the package is install there are required code changes need to use it. The main one is that since this is now a package everything must be imported from ipsframework, so when writing components you can no longer do from component import Component and must do from ipsframework import Component. Similarly if importing the framework directly you can not do from ips import Framework and now must do from ipsframework import Framework.

Additionally the following changes have been made
  • These unused options have been remove from ips.py (--component, --clone, --sim_name, --create-runspace, --run-setup, --run, --all)
  • A new option for components ports now allows you to specify a MODULE instead of a SCRIPT, this allows easy use of component that have been installed in the python environment.

These API have been deprecated for a long time and have been removed, you should update you code:

class removed API new API
ConfigurationManager getPort() get_port()
ServicesProxy getGlobalConfigParameter() get_config_param()
ServicesProxy getPort() get_port()
ServicesProxy getTimeLoop() get_time_loop()
ServicesProxy merge_current_plasma_state() merge_current_state()
ServicesProxy stage_plasma_state() stage_state()
ServicesProxy stageCurrentPlasmaState() stage_state()
ServicesProxy stageInputFiles() stage_input_files()
ServicesProxy stageOutputFiles() stage_output_files()
ServicesProxy update_plasma_state() update_state()
ServicesProxy updatePlasmaState() update_state()
ServicesProxy updateTimeStamp() update_time_stamp()

These simulation configuration fields have been deprecated for a long time and now have been remove, you should be update.

deprecated field new field

The RUS (Resource Usage Simulator) has not been updated to python 3 or for the changes in IPS and will not function in it current state.